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We’re all about sweating, detox, anti-aging, fitness, well being, building your immune system and your oxygen level — an overall lifestyle!

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Feel better and detox the natural way.

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna is a tool designed with every patient in mind. From those who are looking to maintain and increase their vitality and health, to those who are facing a chronic illness—the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna offers a combination of benefits. 

Infrared Ozone Sauna

We are excited to bring to you this world-leading ozone sauna system.

This HOCATT™ sauna system is exceptional in it’s health benefits by introducing ozone in to the body via the skin. 

Whether it’s to help with a specific health issue or a beauty requirement or to simply relax and detox, this sauna system is guaranteed to deliver.

Sauna Quick Facts

Session Duration

Each session is 25-30 minutes long

For the first 3-8 minutes

During the first 3 to 8 minutes of your session, carbonic acid (CA) and steam moisten the skin and enter through pores into the lymph system. CA is one of the few compounds that increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at the cellular level.

Blood vessels and capillaries dilate, increasing blood circulation up to 25%

After the CA cycle completes, the ozone cycle begins. When ozone reacts with the water from the steam, it creates H202 which aids in destroying bacterial and yeast/fungal infections.

Session End

At the end of the session, all ozone and oxygen steam is extracted into the ozone destructor and the session ends!


Smooth youthful skin

Weight loss/burn up to 600 calories in 30 min

Speed lactic acid removal/faster exercise recovery

Strengthen the immune system/increase of white blood cells and stem cells

Destroy cancer cells

Improve mental clarity and memory

Reduce pain and tension

Reduce inflammation

Detoxify and regenerate the entire body

Improve cardiovascular function

Increase energy levels

Break down plaque in the arteries increasing circulation

Help body maintain healthy blood pressure

Increase metabolism to maintain healthy weight





well being

building your immune

system and your

oxygen level

O3 Session

Bring Great Energy and liveliness back to life.



Bring great energy and liveliness back to life.



Eliminate toxins in the body, and resets your immunity.



Restore your skin’s youthful appearance. Boost strength & metabolism.



Personal Ozone Steam Sauna

The machine acts as a personal ozone steam sauna, in which patients sit with just their head exposed to the air, while their body receives the benefits of an infusion of ozone, carbon dioxide, steam, Photon light, and oxygen.

Health Benefits

This sauna provides a person’s body with the ability to fight off parasites, bacteria, fungus, viruses, and even yeasts by the administration of ozone gas. The HOCATT™ can affect the neurological tissues in the body, enhance the way your nerves works, and also improve the lymphatic system.

Strength & Endurance Benefits

The HOCATT™ even has the ability to help athletes become stronger by depositing more oxygen to their cells and improve the mitochondria’s ability to make energy resulting into more strength and endurance.


This is an excellent therapy whether you are battling a chronic illness, needing for a full-body detox, or someone looking to maintain and increase their vitality.

Women's Health

Ozone and the HOCATT™ is also a proven way to help with women’s health issues, like endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain, infertility ovarian cysts, and more.

Carbonic Acid Therapy
  • Reduces stress, relaxes the muscles and the mind
  • Sedates and calms the nervous system
  • Stimulates warmth receptors in skin, inhibits cold receptors.
  • Reconstructs functionally closed capillaries
  • Dilates the arteries to increase blood flow throughout the entire body
  • Enhances oxygen delivery at cellular level in the muscles, organs, brain, skin and other parts of the body
  • Flushes the skin temporarily to a healthy pink color
  • Stimulates warmth receptors in the skin, inhibits cold receptors
  • Reconstructs functionally closed capillaries
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Naturally sedates and calms the central nervous system
  • Reduces stress, relaxes the muscles and the mind
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory compound
  • Is a fat dissolving compound